4L PET Oxebar Keg with Cap and Handle (PCO38 )


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Keep your oxygen-sensitive beverages fresher for longer with the Oxebar Monolayer. We recommend this product for storing beer up to 3-6 months.

The new lightweight and reusable plastic kegs are brought to you by Oxebar and KegLand. Store your homebrew in a more convenient size, take it away camping or to a bbq. The new shorter profile 4L under 330mm will fit in most esky coolers. You can also dispense with it lying on its side.

Do not Exceed 4 Bar / 58psi or 45°C

This great value re-usable plastic keg is the best way to store your home brew in a smaller sized container than traditional 19L corny kegs. The small 4L size is convenient, light weight and perfect for sharing beverages with friends.

This 4L keg is light weight, compact and has extreme oxygen barrier properties. This extremely low gas transmission means your beverage will stay much fresher for longer. Even if you do consume the beverage in a short time, that short time will have much less oxygen transmission compared to other PET kegs on the market. Suitable for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

This product is sold with the PCO38 cap however if you would like to dispense this product through a draft system we recommend the use of the PCO38 Tapping Head. The tapping head is sold separately and allows you to attach standard ball lock disconnects and add a pressure relief valve to the top of this keg design.