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Ready to make recipe pack, All grain golden ale using a delicious blend of Kiwi and Oz grains and malts. Was once cleaned out at a recent party before anyone touched the bottles of Coopers sparkling so it even gets the stamp of approval from non homebrew drinkers!! Just add yeast and hops for a delicious summer drinker.

This is a ready to go All Grain recipe for a 'single batch' 23 litres of an Anzac golden Ale. Grain is sent pre-crushed unless requested otherwise in the comments section

. You will need to add yeast and hops to your order unless you already have some.

There are a number of suitable yeasts you can use for this brew- usually US-05, M44 or Nottingham in the dried range or liquid Bluestone Michigan or San Diego or pick your favourite from the yeast page!

This brew will require a single package of yeast and the recipe sheet gives rates for 50gms of Wakatu and 50gms of Topaz, but you can choose something different if you want to create your own hop schedule.

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