Ball Lock Tapping Head to 2 Inch Tri Clover (Commercial Keg Adaptor)


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This assembly includes:

1. Ball Lock Post Lid

2. 2 inch tri-clover clamp

3. 60cm silicone dip tube

4. Red 2.5bar pressure relief valve (These are also interchageable with various other standard cornelius PRVs)

5. Special single sided bead seal (EPDM)

(NOTE: Keg is not included)

Most commercial kegs will use a traditional type keg spear like D Type spear(American Sankey) or the A-type spear (German Slider). These keg spears have been designed for commercial use and will use larger and high flow rate commercial keg.

Some customers like the ability to use these commercial kegs but would prefer to have ball lock posts on the keg as the fittings are more compact and less expensive. For this reason we now manufacture this unique fitting which enables the spear to be removed from the commercial kegs and then fitted with this sanitary 2inch tri-clover adaptor. This is the most economical way to use the commercial kegs with ball lock posts.

The tri-clover fittings are also very sanitary and suitable for this application.