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Biopectinase is a combination of cellulase and pectinase derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger, specifically developed for use in the wine industry. This enzyme can be added to the juice at either the macerating or clarification stage. This enzyme combination is extremely temperature tolerant and will be active at temperatures as low as 5oC (such as chilled must).

Physical Form: A slightly viscous, dark amber free flowing liquid, with a characteristic sweet smell.

Biopectinase is a balanced complex of enzyme activities which hydrolyse pectic substances leading to de-pectinisation and clarification of juice. The use of biopectinase offers the following advantages: (1) Treatment of the fruit will lead to rapid processing with maximum yield of both free run and total juice. (2) De-pectinisation of the juice.

This results in more rapid floc formation while the lowered viscosity facilitates subsequent clarification and/or filtration. (3) Rapid clarification leading to reduced flavour damage from oxidation or premature fermentation. (4) Reduction in high molecular weight polysaccharides, which can result in unwanted haze. (5) Is active at low temperatures making it ideal for addition to chilled wine must.

Activity Profile:

Temperature range: 5 – 60oC (working range) with optimum activity between 45 – 55oC. pH range: pH 2.5 -pH 5.5 (working range) with optimum activity at pH 3.0 – pH 5.0. Storage/stability: BIOPECTINASE 200AL should be stored at temperatures of f less than 20oC where the declared enzyme activity will be maintained for at least 6 months.

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