Black Widow Porter All Grain Recipe Pack 23l


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Ready to make recipe pack, All grain Robust Porter. Roasty, complex and richly flavoured, it is best if you can let it age for 6 months or more to let the flavours really develop, but still great tasting if you haven't got the time or patience to wait. Just add yeast and hops

This is a ready to go All Grain recipe for a 'single batch' 23 litres of a Robust Porter. Grain is sent pre-crushed unless requested otherwise in the comments section. You will need to add in yeast and hops unless you already have some lurking in the fridge at home and there are a number of suitable yeasts you can use for this brew- usually US-05 or nottingham in the dried range, or pick your favourite from the yeast page! This brew will require a single package of yeast and the recipe sheet gives rates for 85gm of EKG at 5.1% AA and 25gm Fuggles at 3.2% AA, but you can choose something different if you want to do your own hop schedule.

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