D-Type Keg Coupler


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D-Type Keg Coupler With DM Variety Push In Fittings – Stainless Steel/Alloy

D-Tye Keg Couplers are also referred to as American Sanke Couplers and are found on a wide range of kegged beverage varieites. 

Within Australia, D-Type variety kegs are commonly associated with Large Scale Commercial Breweries but are also utilised by some Craft Breweries for their kegs.

Keg King D-Type Couplers come equipped with:

5/8" Male Beer and Gas threads on the coupler body

x2 5/8" to 5/16' DM Push-in Fittings for gas and liquid line connections

1 x – Non-Return Ball or Torpedo check piece (Non-Return Liquid)

1 x – Gas Duck Bill valve (Non-Return Valve for Gas)

Other varieties of our Keg King A-type Coupler with different connectors are also available…

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