Deluxe Sodastream adapter with pin adjustment


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Tired of losing gas every time you connect or disconnect your sodastream cylinder to your normal sodastream cylinder adaptor. This new design is what you need.

Unlike cheaper sodastream cylinder adaptors, this adapter has the added advantage that you can use the side thumb screw to depress the pin in the middle of the adaptor. This pin adjustment makes the sodastream cylinder adaptor significantly easier to use.

Normal sodastream adaptors require an alan key to adjust the pin height and depending on how worn out your seal is you may need to adjust this pin periodically. Conventional cheaper sodastream adaptors also tend to leak gas every time you connect and disconnect them from your regulator or the adaptor itself. This is also a pain. This new sodastream adaptor design is significant better designed with the handy thumb screw on the side of the unit allowing you to eliminate cumbersome adjustment and it also gives you the ability to turn off and on the gas flow.

This adaptor is used if you have a SodaStream Cylinder and wish to use a conventional Type 30 Regulator with it, perhaps for bbq or picnic and you don't want to carry your 6kg or 2.6kg Gas Cylinder this is the adaptor that will enable you to make a handy portable system.

Ideal for the low volume user or someone who hasn't invested in a bigger cylinder. 

*does not include regulator or gas canister

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