Fermenter King 10l Pressure Fermenter


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Fermenter King Junior – 10 Litre Pressure Fermenter and Keg

10L Junior is the World's smallest and most affordable 10L pressure fermenter and keg.

10L Junior comes from the same tank mold as our Silver P.E.T. 10L King Kegs but is made using the clear P.E.T. material we use to manufacture our P.E.T. Pressure Fermenter and Unitank Range Like Apollo and Chubby.

Get two 10L Fermenter King Juniors as a great way to split single batch fermentations into two two fermenters to treat differently.

10L Fermenter King Junior relatively small size makes fermenting up to 8L of wort simple.

A spunding valve like our Spundy will be required to control the internal pressure of the fermenter.

After fermentation, you can carbonate your beer in your 10L Fermenter King Junior.

Simply attach your 10L Junior to your tap system or any hand held tap and serve directly out of the fermenter.

Alternatively, you can transfer carbonated beverages easily from Finto kegs, mini kegs and growlers.


Width = 24.5 cm at base

Height = 37.5 cm to top of posts on lid