Gladfield Go Nutty Roasted oats

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Go Nutty – Roasted Oats is our newest malt, launched as a limited release in 2020.

We used hulled oats which have been roasted in our drum roaster to a lightly nutty, toasted flavour while still retaining a light colour in the mash.

It resembles the flavour of toasted sesame seeds.

This malt is a great addition to Stouts, Porters and Brown Ale.

It could add spiciness to Saisons and Dubble beers too.

Usage rate of up to 20%. Colour – 8.5 EBC.

Rate: Up to 20%

  • Moisture (%) Max 4.65
  • Colour (Visual) 9.5
  • pH 5.61
  • Flavour Fresh, Oat-Like, Lightly Toasted

Weight 1.005 kg
Dimensions 13 × 19 × 8 cm