Gladfield Peat smoked malt

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To create Gladfield’s Peat Smoked Malt, our wonderful Distillers Malt is smoked in our in-house smoker using 100% New Zealand peat. The resulting malt is infused with a traditional mild, soft earthy flavour with phenols 40+ppm. We can customise the phenols levels upon request. This malt is primarily suited for making single malt whisky but is also great when used to flavour Scotch ales or darker maltier beers.

Use: Primarily suited for the making of single malt whisky. Adds a unique mild peaty taste to whiskies. If distilling single malt whisky please use at 100% rate.

Rate: When used to flavour Scotch ales or darker malty beers use between 5% to 25%.

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