Green Bullet Hop Pellets 100gm


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This is a NZ bittering hop with good inclinations toward being used in dual purpose additions. It provides a traditional clean bitterness of resin and pine when used early in the boil. It is a good choice for Lager bittering with its traditional, fresh bitterness and clean finish. Its Styrian qualities lend it to English ales also, where a grounded spiciness is considered traditional.

It can also be used for the later hop additions all the way through to dry-hopping. Flavor and aroma additions will bring the spiciness forward, along with hints of dried dark fruit, and slight floral aromas that tend to balance the resin-like bitterness well. These qualities are appreciable in many styles including stouts and porters to pales and goldens where the floral qualities can really stand.

Probably best know in the Southern Hemisphere for it's use in the world award winning NZ beer Steinlager Green, but also commonly used across many other styles including

  • IPAs & Pale Ales
  • Bitters
  • Porters & Stouts
  • Pilsner, Lagers & Golden Ales