Klaus leibt Kölsch All Grain Recipe (Kölsch ) 23 litre


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 Possibly one of the most popular easy drinking beers from Germany, traditionally brewed in the area around Cologne but popular across the country and the world. One of my favourites.

 Light in colour, clear and bright (usually cold conditioned and if necessary filtered) with low to mid bitterness. Noble hops are usually used in this beer, this particular recipe calls for Hallertau Mittelfruh which was known as the 'King of Hops' as it was grown widely across Germany and Europe in the 19th and 20th century, being the original variety of Hallertau. Successive verticillium wilt outbreaks in the 1920's and then again in the 1950-1970 period saw a huge decline in the production of Hallertau Mittelfruh and instead wilt resistant varieties were favoured leading to many different varieties of Hallertau these days most of them resistant to wilt. I think the original is still the best.

 This recipe adheres strictly to the BJCP guidelines for Kölsch, and the Reinheitsgebot ( 'nothing other than barley, hops, and water be used to produce beer') and uses Weyermann German malts to try to achieve an authentic Kölsch reflecting one that you would be served in a beer garden in Germany.

 Best enjoyed on a Summer day with friends – particularly funny if you try and learn to pronounce 'Reinheitsgebot' while you're drinking it 😀

This is the grain bill for this recipe, you will also need 1 x 100gm packet of Hallertau Mittelfruh to your cart, and a yeast. Either Bluestone Cologne liquid yeast or Lallemand Koln dried yeast would be our pick for this beer. Use finings and cold condition at the end of ferment for the best bright beer results.

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