Mini Keg – 5L (approx 170oz) (175mm x 280mm)


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This Mini Beer Keg is specifically designed for home brewing/growler dispensing, suited to small batches and people who want to fit them into their standard domestic fridges.

You can naturally carbonate using priming sugars or preferably force carbonate and serve your beer with the ball lock lid. (Sold separately)

  Due to the fact that these kegs use a flexible silicone dip tube/spear the beers can also be dispensed on their side or upright so irrespective of what is the most convenient orientation in your fridge you can stand the keg up or lie the keg down and the dip tube will always sink and draw liquid from the bottom (as it's heavier than beer).


175mm x 280mm

Add on 115mm in height if using a tapping head with a black liquid disconnect with a duotight or 140mm if using a flow control disconnect.