Nylon Pluto Beer Dispense gun, pre-fitted with 1m line & ball lock fitting. Ready to use.


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This is a durable and easy to use Nylon pluto style hand dispensing tap, with 1 metre of John Guest 6mm (ID) x 8mm (OD) LLDPE beer line, and a CMB liquid ball -lock disconnect, pre-fitted with stainless steel stepless clamps.

Super beginner friendly, portable and robust so you can take it camping and it is also a low cost alternative to kegerators, beer fonts, fixed beer taps, holes through fridge doors and all sorts of messing around between you and a beer in your glass. When you're starting out, the investment in brewing can seem like a lot so here's an easier way to get the beer out of the keg with breaking the bank.

Clip this on to your liquid out ball lock post and put a glass under it, it's ready to go.

(Stainless Steel version of pluto gun also available)