Portable 5L Stainless Keg Set


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This is a complete ready to go kit with 5 litre stainless steel keg, mini regulator (directly compatible with either 16gm CO2 bulbs OR standard Sodastream bottle), supplied with pre-fitted pluto gun with 1 metre of beer line and liquid disconnect.


1 x SS 5L Keg

1 x Ball lock keg tapping head

1 x Mini 360 Core Actuator Regulator

1 x CMB 1/4" FFL gas ball-lock disconnect to fit regulator.

1 x pre-fitted Nylon Pluto Beer Dispensing Gun with 1 metre of 6mm (ID) x 8mm (OD) LLDPE beer line and 1 x CMB Barbed Liquid Out disconnect, both attached with SS stepless clamps.

The pluto gun and line is practical, hard wearing, easy and convenient to use as you don't need to take the keg out of your esky to serve, just open the lid for a moment. Super beginner friendly. It can be easily detached from the keg for transport/storage and can also be used on any other ball-lock liquid out post, as it is a standard fitting used globally.

This also applies to the disconnect with the regulator and gas bottle still attached, use with a standard sodastream bottle without an adaptor being necessary – or use with threaded 16 gram CO2 bulbs.

NOTE: This regulator is designed to be used with small bottles and WILL NOT fit or adapt to a standard type 30 CO2 bottle such as the Keg King or Kegland 2.6 or 6kg, or MYKOL 2.3 and 6.8kg bottles. For a standard CO2 bottles you will need a standard Type 30 connection, we sell the very popular MK4 regulator.

The whole setup is very portable – just fill with your desired beverage and pop into your Camping fridge, esky or a bucket of ice and you are ready to go. You can be the one pouring pints of your own favourite beverage at a BBQ or on the beach / in the bush miles from anywhere.