Wai-iti Hops Pellets 100gm


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Love the intensity of the aromas. Freshly squeezed limes with top notes of mixed citrus. Fruitier than Kohatu, and similar to Riwaka but smoother bittering with some passionfruit thrown in for good measure. A great one to potentially use with lactic brews due to the low alpha acids.

Citrus characters step back a little in the finished product to make way for a blend of stone fruits such as fresh peaches and ripe apricot. Low cohumulone and high levels of farnesene create a rounded clean bitterness when used in single hopped beers. The high oil content fills in all the corners when used in late additions, the hop back or in dry hopping. Used in both Lagers and Ales where its character builds to develop an excellent finishing bitterness and drinkability. Fresh peaches and stone fruit dominate the aroma in singled hopped beers and also when combining as a late addition with other varieties. Creates fruity aroma driven new world beer styles. Super low alpha means its great for Lactobacillus beers or hop teas for insomnia

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Alpha Acid3.3%

Crop Year2021

Country of OriginNZ

product size100gm

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