Whitewash Bohemian Pilsner All Grain Recipe Pack 23 litre


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Whitewash Bo Pils is another of Wayne's test brews, and was originally called 90 days because the first brew (100 litres!!) sat on the back porch through a particularly long Adelaide Hills winter fermenting with Wyeast 2042 Danish Lager……. there were promises of light strike, problems caused by the fluctuating temperature and even that it might freeze…….. but in the end it was a spectacular beer that ended up being about 7% abv which ultimately led to it being re-named Whitewash 🙂 ( It has since been toned down to about 5.2% for the sake of being able to have more than one…..but if you like a big pilsner, add a kg of pilsner malt to the mash bill for about 6.5% of glorious deck chair in the summer sun oblivion)

This is a ready to go All Grain recipe for a 'single batch' 23 litres of Wheat beer. Grain is sent pre-crushed unless requested otherwise in the comments section. You will need to add in yeast and hops unless you already have something suitable lurking in the fridge at home and there are a number of suitable yeasts you can use for this brew – obviously Wyeast 2042 if you can find it – usually Lalbrew Diamond or an M84 Bohemian in the dried range or Bluestone Pilsen in liquid. This brew will require a single package of yeast and a single pack of Hallertau.

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