We fill CO2 bottles in house, your bottle must be within ten years of the valid test date stamped on the bottle and in good condition showing no signs of corrosion, or damage to the bottle, valve or valve stem.
Bottles are filled by weight to their designated capacity, so they must be empty to be able to be filled. We are unable to ‘top up’ bottles that are partly filled.
Subject to test date and condition, bottles from Kegland, Keg King, My Kegs on Legs (MKOL), Westway etc are usually fine.
We CANNOT fill;
1. any bottle that is a ‘rental’ from BOC, Air Liquide or other gas company.
2. Any bottle that is not stamped with “ANZ2030” indicating that it complies with Australian Testing Standards. DOT standard bottles from overseas do not comply.
3. Any bottle that does not have a standard type 30 MALE connection thread.
4. Sodastream bottles, or other similarly sized small aluminium bottles REGARDLESS of if they have been tested and stamped.
5. Bottles over 10kg capacity.
6. Liquid extraction bottles with a dip tube
7. Fire extinguisher bottles that have not had a compliant conversion, and relevant re-test WHEN converted.
8. ANY bottle that appears to have been modified or tampered with in any way.
These restrictions are for legal and safety reasons and are not negotiable.