MK2 Temperature Controller


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The Keg King MKII temperature controller is a device that allows you to control the temperature of your fermentation or distillation process with precision and ease. It has two plugs, one for heating and one for cooling, so you can connect a heating pad, a fridge, a freezer, or any other device that can regulate the temperature of your vessel. You can set the desired temperature range and the controller will automatically switch on and off the heating or cooling device as needed.

Whether you're brewing, distilling, curing meat, fermenting beverages or runnig an aquarium, Keg King MKII advanced temperature controllers are packed with excellent features for anyone looking to get accurate temperatures when heating and cooling.

Our MKII Temp Controller Allows two new advanced features:

Programable Temperature Profile

Setup a temperature profile so you can program the temp controller to step up and down the temperature over time.

For optimum fermentation conditions you can program this smart temperature controller to start fermenting at one temperature, increase the temperature after a number of days then crash chill. This can be achieved without any intervention at all. Just set and forget.

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