One Dark Horse – Black IPA 50 litre All Grain Recipe Pack


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A very big, very black IPA that will change the way you think about IPA's, rich flavours, up front hops and a significant bitterness level. At 6.8% abv and 80 IBU, this beer one to be enjoyed quietly. A good beer to put away to allow it to smooth out in the bottle.

This is the grain bill ONLY – this 50 litre batch requires 650gm of hops (not included with grain bill), Chinook, Simcoe, Cascade and Columbus – (44gm Chinook, 370gm Simcoe, 173gm Cascade and 65gm of Columbus) – or you can adapt the hop bill to suit other similar hops you already have. Two packets of Lalbrew Verdant IPA is suggested for this batch size, or substitute with your preferred strain that performs well with higher abv ferments.