Rennet Natural Bovine Calf 280 IMCU 50ml


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  • Natural calf rennet (Bovine Calf)
  • Liquid
  • Strength – 280 IMCU. International Milk Clotting Units is the standard measure of the strength of the rennet
  • High level of chymosin > 93% as the active component
  • Store in a cool dark place. The ideal storage temperature is 3 to 7°C. Containers should be kept closed. Do not freeze this rennet
  • Renco Rennet is a purified and standardised solution of milk clotting enzymes extracted from the fourth stomach of suckling calves
  • Normally, use rates are between 0.75 and 1.25 ml per 10 litres of milk (volume will vary according to the type of cheese being made and the recipe being used
  • Coagulation, however, is influenced by such factors as seasonal variations affecting milk quality, additions of calcium chloride, pH or acidity variations, and the occurrence of inhibitory agents in the milk
  • Excessive rennet addition or a little bit of extra rennet for good measure should not be practiced
  • GMO Free