Taco Tuesday – Mexican Lager 50 litre Grain Pack


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This is a 'Mexican' lager, similar to Corona – just with real malt and real hops instead. Easy drinking, very pale in colour, low bitterness and great for a refreshing beer around the pool on a scorching day.

Also one of the most economical beers to make in the entire recipe list.

This is the grain pack required for a 50 litre recipe, you will need to add hops and yeast to the cart. Columbus is the suggested hop, but can be replaced with your favourite – Green Bullet, Hallertau Mittelfruh or Lemondrop, Perle would all be great replacements with this recipe if wishing to stick to the more subtle flavoured hops or you could get creative with something else. We would pair this recipe with 2 x Fermentis 34/70 yeast, but again you could use something else perhaps Lalbrew Nova, or Lalbrew Diamond if you have temperature control.