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The newest gas regulator from Keg King Australia.


The MKX combines performance, reliability and affordability better than any other gas regulator on the market. 


Keg King’s Australian Engineering Team worked to improve the design of the older model MKIII Regulators that brewers and draft system operators have known and trusted for years.


The major new features of the MKX include:


NEW 70PSI Operation with the NEW Green 70PSI Pessure Relief Valve.


The new PRV allows for higher pressure processes and reliable pressure relief at 70PSI.


NEW output options.


Choose from a standard 6mm Barb Fitting or use the reliable DM Push-in Fitting. It’s up to you!


NEW more rugged, durable gauge protection on high and low pressure gauges.


MKX features our highly reliable Keg King Fully Encapsulated Seat Technology.


This means that the seat and seat cap assembly are manufactured as a fully encapsulated part, reducing the chance of contamination in the event that the regulator is opened for maintenance.


The seat and seat cap assembly utilsies the trusted material advantage of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) which is significantly better in chemical resistance and stability compared to the plumber's tape often used on other brand regulators. 


MKX regulators include double filtration: one one the gas input and a second sintered filter on the underside of the seat cap assembly to improve sanitary operation in beverage service.


MKX Gas Regulators are suitable for CO2, Oxygen, Argon and Nitrogen.


Larger is Better!


MKX is made with high quality machined brass body and can be used safely with multiple gasses.


Our MKX regulator has a large body like that of MKIII which accommodates high flow rates with accuracy through our precision diaphragm. The adjustment bonnet/knob on the front of the regulator makes setting and adjusting accurate pressures easy. High and low pressures can be monitored on the regulator’s dual gauges.


This regulator is can also be used on a range of different gasses including: CO2, Oxygen, Argon, Helium and Nitrogen.


This variety of the MKX comes with the standard Type 30 Nut and Stem for CO2 and CO2/nitrogen mixed gasses.


Other nut and stems can be interchanged:

Type 10 Nut and Stem : Oxygen, Argon, Helium

Type 50 nut and stem : Nitrogen


No matter what regulator you are using on your draft system, we ALWAYS recommend putting a one way check valve or non-return valve in place to protect your regulator from liquids travelling back from your kegs!

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